Strong Partners. Strong News.

ENEX  is an association of the world’s leading commercial TV broadcasters. ENEX members share their news content and their news production resources. ENEX holds permanent satellite capacity for use by members

Production resources sharing

ENEX members share their news production resources so that they feel at home in every country of the network. They organize pool productions for important world events (political summits, sports, social events) in order to share costs and make news production more affordable.

Content Provider

ENEX provides more than 40,000 news videos a year and more than 1,500 live sources. When breaking news happens ENEX is there.  Partners contribute their own coverage, ensuring speed and exclusivity.  From its Coordination Centre is in Luxembourg ENEX aggressively sources other content from around the world.

Purchasing Cooperative

Our members leverage their buying power as a group, especially by sharing a common satellite contract, so achieving significantly lower cost of operations. The satellite is used by each member for its own newsgathering efforts.   The bulk buying of satellite capacity allows each partner to use the resource at much lower prices than for their broadcasting needs. ENEX is also active in KA, IP and 4G technologies.