ENEX and the European Institutions – Joining the Dots

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you already know about the new connection between ENEX and the European Commission in Brussels, making it possible for the partners to book the Commission’s facilities and connect to the ENEX satellite space.

But now we’ve gone one step further by making a deal with the European institutions to switch the signal between the European Commission and the European Parliament MCRs, giving us a new option for all kind of transmissions between both locations and our MCR, where the signal can then be turned around onto our sat space or other connectivity solutions.

We’ve already done a few lives with this method, the most recent being with our partner POP TV Slovenia who made a live interview with MEP Tanja Fajon from the European Parliament building in Brussels.

Or 1+1 Ukraine who, on occasion of the final signing of the regulation in the European Parliament allowing Ukrainians to travel visa-free to most of the EU countries, decided to broadcast a whole one-hour program live from the EU Parliament studios located in Strasbourg.

In both cases, the signal was transported through the EU institutions hardlines to the Commission and from there brought to ENEX’s new headquarters at RTL City Luxembourg through the newly established line, allowing the partners to carry out their transmission at a very low or even no cost.

All partners can benefit of the advantage of this connectivity, keeping in mind the following:

Standups, interviews and reports content should be related to the European institutions in order to benefit from the means offered by them
Although the fibre connecting the Commission with ENEX is HD, in some cases the output signal could only be provided in SD. The audiovisual departments are in the process of changing this and hope to accomplish an upgrade of the necessary equipment in the next months.